Our Story

Chisel & Hide

Our Story

We are Sandi & Dominic and we are currently living and creating in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. 

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Sandi is the hands behind all the leather details on our wares. Apart from creating, she also runs our shop, social netwoks and snaps our product shots.

Dominic is a red seal cabinetmaker and makes all our boards, coasters and wood pieces.  He is the brain behind all the wood combinations and patterns you will find in our shop. A  foodie at heart he loves trying out new ingredients and recipes. 

Chisel and Hide is a combination of both of ours skills and creativity. It began in  2013 when we decided to make handmade anniversary gifts for each other. Sandi had just sold her photography equipment to fund some leathercraft tools for her new hobby and handmade Dominic a leather shaving stropp. Dominic made her a maple and cherry cuttingboard. We loved making handmade goods so much we made them as gifts for our friends and family.  Requests for our wares started blooming and we decided it was time to open our shop in 2017.

Our style is  on the eclectic side. You will find a variety of home décor items and kitchen tools in our collections. We strive to purchase our wood responsibly from local businesses off-cuts and our leathers from reputible tanneries.

Live Simply.

Sandi & Dominc