Three years ago when we lauched Chisel & Hide we just merged into the traffic. At the beginning our vision was foggy. A few months in; the fog began to lift,  it was clear that what direction we should take.  With some help from you, our stockists, and other makers we were able to navigate the handmade world and find our way. 

We got the chance to try out new leathers and source out quality materials for our products. Choosing materials and product developement quickly became my favorite part of our process. Over the course of one year Chisel & Hide became more than just a casual hobby, but a growing business.  We were no longer just making stuff for ourselves, but for all of you. 

Buying our first side of leather was a pretty big deal for us. When it arrived we laid it out on our work table and it seemed enormous! What were we going to do with it all? We couldn't imagine using it up as fast as we did. It actually took us 2 weeks of just admiring its splendor before we worked up the guts to slice into it. We ended up buying and using 8 sides of leather that first year. It still blows our minds!

Below are our current leather options. 

leather options

Our hides are full grain cow hides tanned in the U.S.A.  >>---------->>>(Tasman & S.B Foot)   and they smell so good!